Welcome to Everyday Delights. Everyday, I try to find something extraordinary or special in the world around me.

This blog is a place where I record what I notice. Initially, I started this as part of my 2015 100 Happy Days challenge, where I took a photo and wrote a related blog post, every day for 100 days. After that challenge finished, I decided to continue.

Many of my posts are photography related, as I am doing an ongoing 365 photography project (now in my 4th year). Some are musings on what life throws at us, and others are just about noticing the everyday delights. Please join me on my search.Happiness resolutions

When I started this blog, I set myself some “Happiness Resolutions” (an idea I got from reading Gretchen Rubin). I review them every year and I use them as my guides in looking for Everyday Delights. They often appear as prompts in my blog posts, so look out for them.

Latest additions to the site

Have a look at my new Inspirations page! Starting off with books that inspire me in my writing. More will be added as time goes by.

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