Enjoy the little things

I realise with shock, that 20162 is well under way and that I have not written a post for well over a month. The lazy days of the December break are over and the pattern of the year has settled upon me. My son and I often talk about the mundane routine of everyday life – get up, eat, go to work / school, come home, chat a little, eat, do homework, sleep. The same thing tomorrow … Weekends are for catching up with chores and relaxing … small weekend breaks for a change of scenery …

Yet, I have this habit of asking my son to share something interesting from his day, as a way to acknowledge that we have lived in this day and that there is something of value to notice. Often, he struggles to find something. In fact, I feel for him. As a young adult, is hard to really look for the small details in daily life, because they don’t jump out at you and shout “look at me”. So I encourage him to think about a conversation he has had with a friend, to remember something a teacher said that was interesting or to talk about something new he has learnt.

I believe that if we don’t look for something of value in everyday, our lives will simply pass us by. We will live  wishing and waiting for the next exciting thing to happen and whoosh, our allotted time is gone!

enjoy the little things
This quote (often attributed to Kurt Vonnegut1) written by Robert Brault in 1985 encapsulates this idea for me:

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.”

I try to do this is through my 365 photography project. Having my camera with me all the time forces me to notice the stuff around me and look at it differently, even if I have seen it a million times. Then there is the small thrill I get when I upload the pictures I have taken to my computer and I get another chance to look at the world with fresh eyes. The other of course, is to make sure I have something to contribute when I ask my son the question about his day!


2 As I am in the processing of transferring my blog from another platform that will eventually be deleted, I am slowly re-posting posts here on WordPress

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