Fred & Ginger immortalised in the Dancing House

When my son and I were in Prague a few years ago, we were wandering along the Vltava River, when we stumbled upon a building quite unlike all the others in Prague from an architectural perspective. Much of Prague’s architecture is Baroque, Gothic or Art Nouveau. Intrigued and not knowing anything about the building, we decided to go inside to find out.

The top floor is the only part open to the public, so we went up, paid for a drink which would allow us to go outside to see the view of the river and the city. We walked around the strange twisted metal structure on the top (which we later discovered was nicknamed Medusa). The view was spectacular and well worth the price of the drink.

We still had no idea what the building was all about, until we returned to our hotel and Googled it. It transpires that it is called The Dancing House.

It has a very interesting story. It was built constructed between 1992-1996. It was designed by a Croatian-Czech architect called Vlado Milunić in cooperation with Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, who initially named it the “Fred and Ginger Building“, after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. If you look at the side of the house from the outside, it does indeed resemble two dancers. The unorthodox style is known as deconstructivist (“new-baroque” to the designers) architecture.


All images: Author’s own (C) Deborah Ann Stott 2017

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