Muizenberg beach huts – a photographer’s dream

There are so many reasons why these beach huts on Muizenberg’s beach front are a photographer’s dream. Used as bathing boxes in their heyday at the beginning of the 20th century, some are now neglected but apparently you can hire one on a daily, monthly and annual basis for a snap!

Even in mid-winter they are eye-catching and something out of the ordinary. Red and green, yellow and blue, the perfect contrasting colour combinations, calling out to anyone with a camera and an eye for colour. Placed together in little groups of up to 20, they stand above the sand right on the edge of False Bay. If you look out to sea, the backdrop to the huts are the stunning mountains of the Cape Peninsular – perhaps the Swartkopberg and Hottentots-Holland.

If you approach the huts from the street, (that is from the back) after midday in winter, you will encounter deep shadows on the sand. The strong symmetrical, geometrical shapes of the shuts make for shadow patterns that are sharp and crisp as they are undisturbed by people on the beach. Looking along the front of the huts from a 45˚ angle, the rise and fall of the steps, also provides a pleasing leading line to the eye. Another photographer’s dream.

Neglect makes for charming and captivating photographs. Close up, you can see they are a little dilapidated, some with missing barge boards, others with textures of peeling paint, worn wood, rusty padlocks and frames and rickety stairs. Surely – a delight for photographers!

Even though I took many shots on my recent visit to Muizenberg, I would not pass up another chance to do them justice!

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