2017 – Top 10 favorites from B&W February

The header image is called “Empty“, an image taken for a prompt of ‘negative space’. A favourite shot because the light was so gorgeous!

My love affair with black and white photography continues. Read more about where it started and how it continues here. I do occasional posts about my continuing journey and selections of favorites from various challenges that I participate in. Here are 10 of my latest favourite black and white images from the 2017 B&W February Challenge. A little late, I know!

top 10 b&w 2017

  1. Windmill dwarfed by cloud covered mesa – a fleeting roadside landscape
  2. What is it? – Caked mud after a storm
  3. Wall splatters, three in a row – textures and shapes in a newly build wall
  4. Not ‘perfection’ – For a prompt of ‘perfection’. These rolled up posters could’ve been perfectly placed in the box, but they weren’t.
  5. Haunted house? – Nah, just in the process of being built. I played with the processing so much on this one, in the end I went with this style because I liked how it brought out the detail in the unpainted cement work.
  6. Please, please, can I come in” – Wet from the pool and momentarily distracted from chasing the dragonflies, my niece’s adorable little Jack Russell called Scout, desperately wanted to be on this side of the gate. Also a six word story.
  7. Discarded – Seen on a building site
  8. Rain – The prompt was ‘red’… so I went with processing this beautiful tree soaking up the rain as an infrared photo.
  9. Released from their packaging – looking down on a bag of biscuits
  10. Wild African grasses – blowing in the wind


Image sources:

  • Header image: Author’s own (C) Deborah Ann Stott 2017
  • Collage: Created from my own images. You can see these images on my 365 project

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