As fleeting as a passing sigh

Transient: meaning short-livedephemeral, brief, short, momentary, fleeting, passing…

The light at sunset or dusk is as “fleeting as a passing sigh” (Sigmund Krasinski) but if captured, can be remembered.

Grasses made magical

Grasses made magical © Deborah Ann Stott 2017

As a photographer, I live for interesting and magical light!

Stumbling upon inspiration

Tonight was a bog standard Monday evening, the beginning of a working week, nothing interesting was happening. I was browsing through the my Reader and I stumbled upon the Discover page. After following a few clicks I came upon The Daily Post and the weekly photo challenge. I was instantly awake and excited. As I am new to WordPress, but not to blogging 😉 this was a perfect opportunity for me to share a photo and to start to engage with fellow WordPress members.

I was happily engrossed in my task while I searched through my library for a photo that matched the prompt. It made me think about two of my happiness resolutions of “being in the moment” and “just do it“. Simply perfect for a Monday night, when spirits and energy levels are low!

The photo challenge prompt this week is: Transient if you want to join in.

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