Pause. Celebrate. Smell the roses.

May we congratulate ourselves for all that we did get done this week, rather than criticising ourselves for not doing more. Pat yourself on the back, dear one.
[Kris Carr]
I saw this post on Facebook recently which really struck a chord with me.

For a long while I have thought that we don’t celebrate our achievements enough, well I don’t think I do. Big achievements and small accomplishments. I often find myself completing something and then it is straight onto the next thing on the list. That’s modern life for you – always doing, doing, doing! Rather than pausing, acknowledging and enjoying. Often, we don’t even realise that what we have done is actually quite a big achievement and is worth a celebration. We berate ourselves for not having completed the “to do” list, which was probably way too big and unachievable in the first place!

I found myself doing this after I had completed my doctoral studies a few years ago. As soon as it was handed in, I was already moving on to the next thing that needed to be achieved – writing publications about my findings. I honestly had to force myself to stop, just for a day.

To say to myself “you know what, you have dedicated 4 years of your life to this. Stop and appreciate how it feels now that pressure has gone to write every single day, every single holiday. How does it feel to have had such great examiner comments. How does it feel to have a doctorate?


Take a seat – pause – celebrate (C) Deborah Ann Stott 2016

If you think about the things that you achieve over a year both in personal and work life, the list is often amazing. You may have completed a project, helped your child get through a challenging year at school, gotten married, started a new job, finished studying or simply made yourself get up every morning to greet the day.

When do we take stock of all these achievements and pause to celebrate them? In my mind, I’m inclined to say that the celebration should happen when you complete something and before you move onto the next thing and forget all about it! But it’s also not too late to celebrate anytime.

Writing this post has also made me pause and think about all the things I achieved last year on a more personal note. Which did I celebrate and which did I forget about? 

Do you take the time to celebrate your achievements? 


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