2 weeks to go…

It’s getting closer and closer, just two weeks to go. **Nervous**


So, you already know that I was doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge from September to December 2015, taking a photo each day and writing a blog post to go with it. When I put the eBook together, I noticed themes in my writing and I thought I’d share these with you today.

100HD themes

Themes in the 100 Happy Days writing

I’ve grouped them into the broader categories of Daily Life; Education; Creativity; Being Present; Transition and Change and Nature.

So even though up until now I’ve spoken a lot about the unsettling times that took place during the 100 Happy Days, you can see that I wrote about lots of other things too! I hope that some of them will catch your interest!

Spotlight on 100 Happy Days images

The eBook contains high-quality images taken during the challenge, 55 in total. Here are some of them to give you a taster.

100HD selected images for marketing

Spotlight on 100 Happy Days images © Deborah Ann Stott 2017

Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you. 

Pre-ordering now available

Pre-ordering is now open for the book: in two parts or as one book. Your card won’t be charged until the launch date on 31st August.

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