• (noun) Work Avoidance Behaviour, or as I’m calling it now, “Writing Avoidance Behaviour”
  • (verb) behaviour that avoids work, or in this case writing!

Since I woke up this morning, I have done everything in my power NOT to write, even though that was my intention. It was of utmost importance to check Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook; post photos onto my 365 project, cut the dead leaves off the house plants – you get the idea. Now 4 hours later, I cannot avoid it any longer.

“I must subdue the desire to WAB.” Because after all, I have set myself the task of writing for 100 days! In the absence of any other sparkling ideas, I’m going to reflect on if the first week of my challenge has been productive.

Days 1, 2 and 3

I caught up with some writing after travelling for 3 weeks: I wrote a post for the start of this writing challenge and wrote up a family story which I have been trying to do since December last year. They are not all published but they are written all the same.

Day 4

It was my birthday and I had a gruelling day at work – no energy for writing!

Day 5

I started reading and writing up the revisions for an academic article that I am submitting to a journal. I found some great articles to include and which I want to write about here. So at least, that’s another idea in the pipeline…

Day 6

I continued writing up revisions for the academic article and I wrote a post for weekly photo challenge prompt “Waiting


Day 7

Which brings me to today, and this annoying “wabbing” habit… which ironically seems to rear its ugly head when I actually have time to write! Life is odd sometimes.

I have to say, this quote hits the mark for today!

Challenges are meant to be met and overcome.
Liu Xiang



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