Wanton “wabbing”

Hahaha! Different to the wabbing I did last week! I’m on day 16 of my 100-day writing challenge. I’ve managed to keep up with the challenge for the past seven days, thanks mainly to revising the same academic paper that I was working on last week. I should never underestimate how long it takes to revise and edit papers, but I do every time!

I did two things this weekend that could be classified as purposeful or wanton wabbing (behaviour that avoids work, or in this case writing!)

Yesterday, we had some badly needed rain. We’re in the grips of a serious drought at the moment, with harsh water restrictions because of rapidly emptying dams. The rain started on Friday night and lasted most of Saturday. Today, we’ve had intermittent showers. When I woke up, the windows in the lounge were fogged over. On a whim, I wrote on them and then took some photos, which I am pleased to say turned out really well. There’s that serendipity thing happening again!

My second bit of wabbing was a treat for sending the revisions back to the editor. I made some time to play with one of the photo editing apps (PicsArt) I have on my phone. I don’t get to play with these as often as I used to. My favourite PicsArt feature is called Magic, which has an array of funky pre-sets for photos. They don’t work with all photos but I’ve found if you start with photos that have strong shapes, you can end up with something unusual at the end.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are the result of my ‘playtime‘ today! I used the ‘Nightcore’ effect for them. And writing about it counts as my bit of writing for my challenge today – 2 birds with one stone and all that!

What do you think, time well spent?
What ‘wabbing’ habits to you have?


Disclaimer: I am not associated with PicsArt in any way, nor do I gain from mentioning them in this post.

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