Share your world: three wishes


This week’s musings on the Share Your World prompts from Cee’s blog.

What is your favourite outdoor activity?

Walking on a deserted beach with my son or a really good friend. Preferably one that looks like my featured photo! If that’s not an option, being outside anywhere with my camera.

In a car would you rather drive or be a passenger?

The driver, most definitely the driver. I like to be in control. Colleagues have even remarked that I am such a terrible back-seat driver that it is much easier for them if I drive, so I often get nominated as driver for work trips.

Although I’m not sure I’d like to drive this car. 😉


Beyond the Thunderdome © Deborah Ann Stott 2016

If you could have three wishes granted to you alone, what would they be?

This one is easy. First and foremost. I want a “Hermione’s handbag“. I’m an unashamed Harry Potter fan. Hermione placed an Undetectable Extension Charm on her bag in the story and used it to carry clothes, healing and camping supplies such as a Perkins’s tent, books, and Harry’s Cloak of Invisibility.

I travel quite a bit and get frustrated with carrying ‘stuff’ around! If I could, this bag would be an essential part of my travel luggage. Well the only piece of luggage actually. No more waiting to collect luggage from the airport carousel, no more problems with overweight suitcases, no more problems with luggage going astray on airlines. You get the idea.

Second. A sabbatical. A break from work for at least six months. Some time taken out of my normal working routine to do something completely different. This is a common thing in academic environments but as I work on a contract I will have to fund it myself. Why do I need one? That is a story for another time. For now, I am putting the idea out there into the universe and anchoring it to the very top of my wish list.

Third. Find a really good yoga class to attend. Its lonely doing yoga at home. Sometimes I need some encouragement and new ideas.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?

I spent two days with colleagues at an annual work event. The conversations and laughter we shared helped me to get to know them more as people rather than simply folk I work with.

Laughter John Cleese




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