Stories that windows tell

Stained glass windows in churches often portray religious stories or well-known figures such as archangels, saints and so on. But I believe that the everyday, common windows around us have stories of their own – intentional or unintentional. A window can ‘tell‘ its story in so many ways: through the items placed on their sills, what we can see when they are open or closed, by how they are dressed, decorated or protected and through their condition and age. I imagine that the story that is presented to the world may often be different to the ones the people inside want us to know. That’s the mystery in it or so I like to think.

“Windows open out onto the universe around you, but doors will take you to where your imagination lies.” [Anthony T. Hincks]

As a photographer, I’ve found that as I travel more, I cannot walk past a window or door without thinking of what is behind the door or beyond the window. Who lives or works there? What is the history behind the door or windows? It’s the everyday detail that I want to know about. During the four years, I’ve been doing a 365 project, I’ve taken loads of window shots. You can see them here.

I’m always intrigued by the amazing variety of windows, especially in Europe. I suppose its the range of architecture and history that makes them fascinating, and which is different to what I see in Africa. I was in Prague recently for a work conference and I was not disappointed by the windows I found there. I think that I went a tad crazy taking window shots. But I had fun and I found so many different types!

It just so happens that this week’s photo challenge is windows. Even though the question was “what can you see through yours?”, I’ve decided to make the windows themselves the subject and as I was feeling a little creative, I made up some stories for these windows! I’d love to hear your take on them – leave a comment if you like.

window stories2-002

The stories that windows tell (2)

Ochre Group

1-Faded glory
These were possibly beautiful windows at some stage. Now they just shout out for some TLC. Neglected or not, the golden reflections caught my eye.

A framed snapshot of two people, a terracotta roof and the sky.

3-Herbs, cook and butcher
The side window of a restaurant perhaps?

4-Mulled wine
Come inside for some mulled wine and tea? That’s what the board says.

window stories1-002

The stories that windows tell (1)

Blue Group

1-Cracks at the corners
The plants draw attention away from the four cracks at each corner. Hope the window doesn’t fall out!

Windows in a commercial building are transformed by the reflections of the sky and clouds.

3-Pictures within a frame
Layers of reflections make this a fascinating window.

4- Patched up
I wonder why this is boarded up with cardboard?

This post also marks day 30 of my 100 days of writing – almost a third of the way through! 


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