Seven-day​ b&w challenge – all in one post

“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.”

Earlier this week I decided to try out the current seven-day black and white challenge that is going around here on WordPress and other social media like Facebook – but with one difference – I wasn’t going to challenge anyone other than myself.

I am so devoid of motivation for anything creative at the moment (I put it down to anxiety about all the changes happening in my life). I’ve lost my mojo and my phojo! I keep trying challenges in the hopes that one of them at least will give me a metaphorical kick up the jacksie. Some seem to be working and others not!

As I’m a die-hard black and white fan, I managed this one – I took 7 photos but did not post them anywhere each day. You might say that I cheated.

Fair enough. The simple act of taking 7 photos and processing them into black and white took all my energy, but I did it. So I’m celebrating this small creative achievement which was something that almost went according to plan. The rest of the things on the creative list will have to wait until the mojo comes back.

So here they are, scenes from my life, without explanation. Make of them what you will!



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