Thursday doors – Veltrusy Castle

When we were in Prague for a recent conference, we went on a day trip out to Veltrusy Mansion (Castle) about 25 km north of Prague. This is a baroque château in Veltrusy, Bohemia, near the banks of the Vltava River.

After a tour of the inside and the obligatory refreshments, we wandered around the old stable/coach area. The area was quite large, rectangular in shape, with old utility buildings all around the rectangle, forming a quad of sorts in the middle. It is clear that that area hasn’t been cared for in years and is ripe for re-development – rustic apartments maybe? It would be a perfect spot to live – the Veltrusy Mansion is set in a massive park with an abundance of old trees.

But I don’t mind old buildings, in fact, I have a ”thing” for them – photographically of course! They have so much character and could tell so many stories if only they were able to talk.

I’ve chosen this set because of the weathering on the wood and walls but also for the subtle powder blue colour. My favourite has to be the double doors with the window panels because of the magnificent reflections and saturated colours.

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“Doors are funny things. Some lead to somewhere exciting and wonderful, while others lead to the mundane and ordinary. Some, because they are gaudy and ornate, usher us into the land of greed and money. But many look unassuming and plain, yet hidden behind their simplicity one can find love; warmth; a cozy fire; a home cooked meal and a beautiful family. It’s these doors I search for in life and it’s these doors that I shall find.” [Anthony T. Hincks]


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