Shadowy Sunday

A weekend away with the express purpose of relaxing and chilling – nothing planned and no schedules to keep to. A lie in. The sun streams through the bedroom windows, telling me its a lovely day and gently nudging me to wake up. I lounge in bed and have a few cups of tea, but the outdoors beckons. I venture outside with my camera. I can just hear ocean sounds in the distance. The owner’s two dogs and cat come to see what I am up to – all of them pitch black and friendly. The steep property is decked on many levels and rich green coastal vegetation casts magnificent shadows on the slatted wood.

The interplay between light, shadow, and geometric shapes on the wooden canvas create perfect pictures in my mind and I snap away. As always, my first few shots are rubbish, but they get more creative as I get into the groove. To get good angles, I sit on the steps, lie down on the deck or crouch under the trees. I’m so engrossed, time passes.

shadow collage

Eventually, I make another cuppa and sit on one of the comfy wicker chairs, placing my camera to one side so I can appreciate the day. I set my cup on the deck and it creates a focal point for another photo. I take a shot. The cup of tea on the deck is becoming a photo I take, in different places I visit. Funny how an idea for a series sometimes grows into existence without even thinking about it.

Cup & shadows

Cups and shadows © Deborah Ann Stott 2017

Browsing through my reader today, the word “shadow” and a striking photo of lantern shadows caught my eye. It was Travel with Intent’s One Word Sunday prompt (for oneWordSunday).

Perfect timing and a great way to share my morning’s efforts! Et voilà – an everyday delight!

2 thoughts on “Shadowy Sunday

  1. Debbie Smyth says:

    Sounds like the perfect weekend!
    This is a great series – such strong shadows, warm colours and great composition.My favourite is the one you used as header – great precision and also very relaxing.
    A great addition to the OWS challenge – have a good week Debbie


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