In learning early maths (Grade R, 1 and 2), one of the stages is called counting. But it has two different meanings in terms of how we progress through learning maths.


Learning to count objects. In the early grades, one of the first things we do is learn to count objects, one-by-one.


Using counting as a way to solve problems. Once we can securely count object, we can use that skill to solve addition and subtraction problems such as 4 + 2. We can count out 4 objects and then add 2 more. At first, we will then go back and count all of the objects again to get 6. As we progress, we will be able to keep the 4 in our head and count on the 2, saying 4, 5, 6.

At some point, we move from calculating by counting to calculating by structuring.

This week’s prompt for OneWordSunday is “Count”. Dabelle and her little dog Oscar went to explore some of the things in my office that could be used for counting. As I work with young learners in maths, my office is a treasure trove!

Who on earth is Dabelle?


She is my mascot and alter ego or “alter l-ego” as a friend of my son’s said! Here’s her intro:

I was born nameless in the Lego factory but now I live in Africa with Debbie, her teenage son and a whole bunch of other Lego characters. Like Debbie, I love travelling, and I am a photographer too. I will go just about anywhere and do just about anything for a photo (although I’m not sure that Debbie will go that far!). Of all the Lego people that live with me, I am the only photographer.

My motto is “one hand for myself and one for the camera!”

Some say that I am intrepid and adventurous, but really I look at it as enjoying my job!
Some say that my trademark cloak is creepy but I think it makes makes me look like batgirl!
Some say that I am a mermaid, in truth it only happens when I swim!
Some say that I am overly attached to my camera but in reality the jolly thing is tied around my neck!
Some say that purple is my favourite colour – err … they may be right!

You can see some of her adventures here: Dabelle on 365

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