On wish-ing and self-care

We are suffering from a severe drought – the dams that feed our small town are at dangerously low levels. In fact so many areas of South Africa are struggling, Cape Town is possibly the worst at the moment.

So we have been wishing for rain (and my contribution for One Word Sunday: Wish). And this week we got it! In buckets! But we also got a cold snap and snow in the high lying areas. Snow in November in Africa! It is meant to be early summer. Today, when I looked at the temperature gauge in my car, it said 9ºC at 9am!


On a different note, this little message from the universe popped up on my Facebook feed this morning:

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

_MG_5028-Edit copy 2

I am absolutely terrible at looking after myself, especially in times of stress. I survive on toast and tea. But today I realised that looking after myself first should be at the top of my every day delights list. And I’m wondering why it isn’t.

This is a timely reminder. At this time of the year in South Africa, with the end of the academic year looming, it is even more important to remember to fill my cup more often. But I need to do more than remember, I need to take action – do something about it.

Well this past few weeks, I’ve had my blood pressure checked regularly and it is under control, just. This week, I bit the bullet and bought a NutriBullet (sorry about the god-awful pun!). It was half price on one our local websites, and as they are so expensive here, what with the exchange rates to the US$ and the Pound, I jumped at the chance to get one. I have been thinking of getting one for ages, but wondered what made them so special and so pricey. Now I know! They are the wizards of the juicing world. 30 seconds to a healthy NutriBlast! That’s my second action.

I am planning to catch up on my sleep this weekend too. I’ve been having too many late nights trying to stay on my word target for NaNoWriMo! As of last night I am at 23986, which means I am a little behind.



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