Square Sky December [2]

I am doing Becky’s (‘The Life of B‘) December Skies theme. She is aiming to take a photo each day of the sky in square format. I started late and am trying for a photo a day. I post each day on my 365 project so I will do a weekly round up here on my blog and a final collage at the end of the month. What a fabulous way for me to find an everyday delight in the sky!

A great week

I have to say, that the sky is really helping me out this week. Every day, there have been different shaped clouds or changes in weather. It has been fascinating watching the month unfurl in skies and it is forcing me to look up at the sky every day. I’ve realised how often I take the sky for granted.

These are this week’s images, starting from 14th December.


Square Sky: Sun flare. Looking straight up into the clouds.


Square Sky: Fluffy, puffy cloud day! The grey skies have cleared, the rain has gone and we are left with little puffy clouds


Square Sky: tinged with orange The setting sun made the tips of the sky orange


Square Sky: Clouds at sunset. It’s so interesting when you zoom in on clouds at sunset. They have such a range of different colours.


SquareSky: half and half. Even though the pole is ugly, the sky and Jacaranda make up for it.


SquareSky: Dreary But we need the rain so much… skies are not always blue with pretty clouds.


Square Sky: Reflected The house where I am now living has huge sliding glass doors. Perfect for a reflection or two of the sky!




11 thoughts on “Square Sky December [2]

  1. BeckyB says:

    oh wow, what a wonderful wonderful collection . . . . . .and they have appeared so quickly. I am sure you only said a few seconds ago you were collating these! Trying to decide my favourite, but not sure I can, just love so many of them 🙂

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