A line is a dot that went for a walk

Blog title is a quote by Paul Klee.

Line is a rich metaphor for the artist. It denotes not only boundary, edge or contour, but is an agent for location, energy, and growth. It is literally movement and change – life itself. (Lance Esplund)

For One Word Sunday – 28th January 2018 – Lines

Lines are:

In maths, more specifically geometry, a straight line is the shortest way between two points. In art, is one of the seven elements of art. Line can control an viewer’s eye.  It can describe edges.  It can indicate form as well as movement.

Actual lines …

In photography, lines can be actual lines … horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag, curved …

Created …

In a photograph, lines can be assumed or ‘created’ using shadows and light or contrasting tones and colours.

Cup and rusk in deck shadow

Cup and rusk in deck shadow © Deborah Ann Stott 2017

Chair monster (2)

Chair monster (2) © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

Compositional techniques…

They can imply motion. Lines are open and lead the eyes into a photograph or to an interesting point of the photo. They are a compositional technique.

Curved motion

Curved motion © Deborah Ann Stott 2017

Form part of a pattern …

Patterns are made up of lines and shapes, lines form boundaries between the shapes, provide structure…

Lines and patterns

Lines and patterns © Deborah Ann Stott 2016

Diagonal lines

Diagonal lines © Deborah Ann Stott 2017

Say yes to more lines!

Here’s to noticing more lines in the world around us and including them consciously in our photographs. Have a great week everyone!

Debbie blog sign off 2018

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