Bonding and bingeing

I have mentioned a few times that my 18-year old son has left home and is about to start his first year of university. Exciting for him. His adult life is beginning and adventures await.

Hard. Hard. Hard. For. Me.

But one blessing is that he is still in the same town as me. We have agreed that he will come for Sunday lunch every week (at least I can be sure he will get a decent meal then!). This weekend, he offered to come and stay because he has been away – a catch-up weekend. I was delighted.

We binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy on our local Showmax streaming service. We have both watched all the seasons on and off since it started in 2005 but wanted to get the story from the beginning, to fill in the gaps. So we are only watching it together – our thing to do.

We pause between episodes to make drinks, cook, chat, do chores and stretch our legs. Whilst we were cooking supper on Saturday, he offered to make the weekend stay a monthly thing. I am trying so hard not to make suggestions like this, as it is his life and he needs to live it, but how can I say no when he offers? I hugged him and of course, I said that would be wonderful, knowing in my heart that we must play it by ear as the year unfolds.

Mop of curls

Mop of curls © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

For now, I have that to look forward to. For now,  I get to see this wonderfully curly head wake up in my home. A weekly everyday delight for Sunday lunch and a monthly one for a stayover!

Grateful for these shared moments

Debbie blog sign off 2018




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