Trio: three things

Paula invited us to share images showing a trio of some kind. I must say her cute image of three puffins is a winner for me.

I’ve read a lot about photography composition. Apparently, it is good to try and compose things in threes, perhaps because build a dynamic tension in the shot or create an imaginary triangle for your eye to follow around the image. Some call it the Rule of Odds if you want to read more about it.

So whilst I have composed these three images with three items, I don’t think all of them create imaginary triangles or create dynamic tension. What do you think? Is one image stronger than the other because it is more dynamic?

I’ve chosen black and white shots on purpose, to showcase the three-ness of the compositions rather than the colours.

1. A trio of pears

This one does have an imaginary triangle in the way the pears are positioned.

Just hangin'

Just hangin’ © Deborah Ann Stott 2018

2. A trio of pots

A trio of pots

A trio of pots © Deborah Ann Stott 2017-2018

3. A trio of owls

Three wise owls

Three wise owls © Deborah Ann Stott 2017-2018

Until next time,

Debbie blog sign off 2018

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