Simply beyond the kitchen (1)

In my first post for this month, I said I wanted to do two things:

  1. move beyond the kitchen. So many things in the kitchen are circular and its too easy to shoot them. So I am pushing myself to look for circular subjects ‘beyond the kitchen’
  2. concentrate on simplicity in my shots, showcasing the shapes and subjects. I was inspired by this quote:

Simplify. Ask the image to powerfully show one thing, and no more.
The more you try to cram into the frame, the less each element is allowed to speak, reducing its impact. So simplify – push in closer, make use of blurs and shallow focus, and allow each image to speak with the greatest impact or subtlety (from Ten More Ways to Improve your Craft without Buying Gear by David DuChemin)

These are my second week of shots for Becky’s March Square challenge. I’m happy that none of them are items from the kitchen! But am I achieving the simplicity I am looking for?

What are your thoughts? Which one do you like best? And the least?

There are so many people participating in this challenge, why not have a look at the MarchSquare tag?

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