Simply beyond the kitchen (2)

Hey there everyone.

Week Three already! March is whizzing by.

Its been a long week. Very busy at work. One of those weeks where I seem to be preparing for things just before they happen rather than ahead of time. It’s always a challenge to stay on top of my photography projects when it’s like this at work. But I did it, and I have another 7 shots to contribute to Becky’s March Square challenge. Only one is of a kitchen item (the coffee pot) but I took it outside to photograph in a different context. So I’m happy to say that none of them are items from the kitchen!

And my quest for simplicity?

Mostly, I think I’m getting the focus on a single subject, which should be the circle or the idea of the circle. My macro shot of the “Circle Universe” is something different. Perhaps not simple at all, but rather a glimpse into the wonders of macro, showing us things we never normally see. Backgrounds do throw a spanner in the works, complicating the shot a little, which I think happens in shots 1 and 5.

My favourites of the week? The rusty one (2), the flower (3) and the coffee pot (5).

What are your thoughts? Which one do you like best? And the least? You can click on the images to see them individually.

If you want to see my very latest shots on 365 and not wait for the weekly roundup, click here.

March is a long month, with four and a bit weeks, so still many more circles in squares to come! Loads of bloggers are participating in this challenge, why not have a look at the MarchSquare tag?

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10 thoughts on “Simply beyond the kitchen (2)

  1. Heyjude says:

    I like the “Circle Universe”, but then I like macros and the bokeh adds more circles to the mix. I also love the coffee pot shot. I admire your commitment to a 365 project. You have some amazing images.

    Liked by 1 person

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