Everyday Inspiration for Everyday Delights

I do babble on about where to find inspiration for my photography, but actually, I also need inspiration for writing blog posts that are not always about photography!

I signed up for the WordPress Blogging University “Finding Everyday Inspiration” course the other day. I was attracted by its name as it reminded me of my blog’s name:  Everyday Delights.

I’m on Day Four and I am enjoying doing the writing assignments. But I’ve decided that not every assignment will become a blog post, although I’m sure some of them might. For now, I am using them for private writing. Except for Day One.

Day One posed the question as to why I write

And it’s a good question, one I find difficult to answer. But I’ll have a go.

In my job, I labour (and I chose that word deliberately) with academic writing: writing journal articles for publication and papers for conferences as well as supervising post-graduate students who are studying for their Masters and Doctorates. Academic writing can be cumbersome and verbose. It can be unnatural.

Academic writing

Academic writing

I have turned to blogging and personal writing practices as a way to counter-balance the academic writing. For example, I write my Morning Pages every day. I participated in NaNoWriMo and 100 Days of Writing last year to help me write more regularly.

But there’s more to it than that, I think

When I think about it, I have been writing journals since 1979 when I was fourteen. These have ranged from a careful catalogue of daily teenage life to being a catharsis during tougher adult times. But that is another story, for another time.

Deep down, I love how words work

Things like this…

How they can mean one thing in one context and another somewhere else. Refuse and refuse… one word, spelt the same way, yet with two meanings:

  • Verb: “I refuse to jump off a cliff” – saying no
  • Noun: “Please will you clean the refuse off the street?” – meaning waste or rubbish

Words have different meanings to different people too. Take the word ‘happy’ for example. I might define it differently to you. Yet, if we try to pin it down, what does it actually mean? Its such an abstract word, yet its a concept were are all chasing.

Unless your name is Shakespeare and you invent over 1700 of our everyday words, where do new words come from?

I could go on… there you have it, a little bit about why I write. In fact, the idea of playing with words has been incubating in my mind for a while and I think I am going to run a challenge here on WordPress. Watch this space for news of how it will work.

Until then, take care

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