A new challenge: Word-play fun

In my previous post I mentioned that I love how words work. The idea of playing with words has been incubating in my mind for a while and I think I am going to try and get a new challenge up and running here on WordPress and I’m hoping I can generate interest in this wonderful community.

I have a set of fridge magnets with random words on them and I spend a lot of time arranging them in ways that mean something to me. I take a photo, and then I play with the photo in post-processing. Something I love to do but don’t often have time for these days.

How will the challenge work?


I thought it might be fun to post one of the images each week and invite the WordPress community do something with the words: write a story, make up a poem, anything really. My only rule will be that all the words in the image must be used.

If you love playing with words too, then I invite you to have a go. To add a bit of variety and to stimulate your creativity, sometimes the photo will contain other items in it (typically fridge magnet-type things) that can be included in your responses. Let the colours and textures inspire you too!

This is an example, and although the challenge doesn’t start until the end of the week, you can always flex your creative muscles on this one! The words to include would be: know, feel, imagine, sense and live, and the starfish, colours and textures could be part of the story too!


The challenge will run from Sunday morning to Saturday each week. As usual, you can create a ping-back to this post, or write your response in the comments. Tag it with #wordplay. The first one will go live on Sunday 25th March.

Can I ask you a favour?

To get the word out into the community, I’d be really grateful if you could re-blog or share this post and the one that comes out on Sunday amongst your followers. Then let’s see what kind of response we get. I’m hoping that you will participate too!

Huge thanks,

Debbie blog sign off 2018


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