The new word-play fun challenge starts today!

In my last post, I introduced how this challenge would work and what motivated me to start it. Have a read of that if you need more information.

So here we go with word-play number one. Use these words to write a story, make up a poem, anything really: see, know, hear, sense, feel, live, imagine… and yes, you may include the little metal creature (I think he’s meant to be a lizard) in your response if you want! Let the colours and shapes inspire you too!

The only rule is that you must use all the words in the image. If you love playing with words too, then I invite you to have a go.

Word-play 1

Word-play one

How to participate

Just create a ping-back to this post, or write your response in the comments. Tag it with #wordplay. This week’s word-play will run from Sunday 25th March to Saturday 31st March.

I cannot wait to see what this creative community comes up with! Please share or re-blog this post to get the word out to the community! A massive thank you,

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