A Babbelas in a Blizzard #AtoZChallenge

Day two of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. To read about my theme, click here.

B   Braving a Blizzard with a Babbelas

As you discovered yesterday, Dabelle does commissions and photo shoots. It’s the part of her job that she loves the most because she gets to travel to both real and mystical places. She enjoys the thrill of getting to the place, the unexpected things that may happen when she is there and the anticipation of the people and creatures she might encounter. She is essentially a very adventurous soul.

A while back, Merlin invited her to visit his magical kingdom. He wanted to introduce her to his new assistant, but he would not say who, or what his new assistant was.

“Come prepared for anything,” was his cryptic comment.

Against her better judgement, the day before she travelled, Dabelle had a mega party with the aliens who had tried to steal her camera. She had sweet-talked them into giving it back to her and they had offered to buy her a drink, to make amends. The aliens introduced her to some terrible concoctions that they loved. One drink turned into two, two turned into four… it was a very late night.

The morning after, she woke up feeling like an alien herself. Her head was spinning and she had to hold onto something to stop herself falling over. “Oh dear”, she thought. “However, am I going to travel in this condition? I have the most terrible babbelas.”

She needn’t have worried. When the time came for her trip, Merlin simply cast a travelling spell and she was in the magical kingdom in the blink of an eye. She didn’t feel any better, but at least the journey had been painless. Now all she needed to do was get through the photoshoot somehow. Merlin hadn’t noticed her babbelas, thank goodness.

“My new assistant is waiting outside to meet you. Do you mind if we take some photos outside with him?” Dabelle peered through the window. She could hardly see beyond it. A very heavy blizzard was blowing.

“No, that’s ok, maybe it will clear my head,” she said half-heartedly, slipping on her cloak at the same time. A blast of freezing air greeted them when they opened the door. The snow was thick on the ground and the air was filled with swirling snowflakes. “Taking photos in this is going to be challenging,” she thought to herself.

As they approached a pile of white and blue rocks, a unicorn bounded towards them. “This is Uri, my new assistant,” declared Merlin.

“Pleased to meet you Mistress Dabelle,” said the unicorn, as he bowed his head. Dabelle almost toppled over into the snow, gobsmacked that the unicorn had spoken to her. But this was Merlin’s magical kingdom, so why should she be surprised.

“L-l-l-likewise,” she stuttered.

Letter B-Merlin blizzard

As she pottered about getting the best position for a shot she noticed that the light in Merlin’s kingdom was purple – her favourite colour. As she started snapping away, all thoughts of her babbelas vanished. She was in her groove. Maybe it wasn’t going to be such a bad day after all.

The South African word of the day

Babbelas: [bub-buh-luss] – noun A really bad hangover. This word is derived from the Zulu word ‘ibhabhalazi’.

See you for the next letter tomorrow!

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