Geometric​ gooeyness! #AtoZChallenge

Getting to grips with the ‘G’ sound!

Before I start this post, I need to explain how to pronounce South African words that start with G, as I’m using two South African G words today. A lot of words in mainstem South African English derive from Afrikaans and the g is more guttural than the g in English. The easiest way to pronounce the ‘g’ is to think of the word loch and replace the g sound with the ch sound. Don’t forget, the South African word I’m using is highlighted in italics and explained at the bottom of the post!

G   Gatvol, gril and gooeyness!

Dabelle is gatvol with her week. She has had a number of very early morning starts, a night when she could not get to sleep until 2:30am and so many deadlines. Not to mention dealing with the ongoing viral ear infection!

Its Saturday, thank goodness. Her reward for the week? Nutella! Immersing herself in geometric gooiness with two friends. And between them, they have cleaned out the jars! Surely they must feel sick? Looks like the two bears have had enough.

Some people would gril at getting covered with sticky Nutella, but not this crowd!



The South African words of the day

gatvol: [ghut-foll] – adjective, informal – Fed up. From Afrikaans

gril: [pronounced with the g-sound in the back of the throat] it refers to a person having an adverse sensory reaction to something that is considered disgusting, creepy or freaky in any way. The closest English equivalent would be “hair-raising”. Can be thought of as rude! [Source]

It almost makes you shiver to say it. There’s no concise English equivalent – “puts my teeth on edge” is about the nearest, and how cumbersome it is. And “gril” is usually used with rolling of the eyes and expressions of disgust, which just
aren’t conveyed by the English phrase. [Source]

What makes you ‘gril’? Leave me a comment! 

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