Honoring What I Love [With An Adjustment]

Musings on engaging with books in different media…
To read real books or electronic books? The best of both worlds?
Paardje has put into words exactly what I tend to do subconsciously. Like her, I love the smell and feel of real books and I love to add sticky notes and underline passages in my favourite colour pens until my books become “well-loved”… But that happens less with fiction books, which I do read on my Kindle, especially when I am travelling.
This is a situation where both work well, and I don’t need to stress about making an either-or choice. It is possible to have the best of both worlds!

Of Snailmail, Books & Vanities

sunday slow down 2 I have a Kindle fire tablet that I’ve had since early 2012.  There are already a gazillion books on there but, honestly, I use it for games 80% of the time 😏

Recently when I asked my daughter whether she wanted ebook versions of the series she’s reading now she immediately responded with “No, I want to be able to smell them” 😄

The succinctness of her response made me take an honest look at what I have been denying myself ever since I came to Batam- the pleasure of my 1st love: real, physical books ❤️ It might seem silly but the feel of a real book in my hands just adds another level of pleasure to the reading experience.  I also do like burying my nose between the pages for a good whiff! 😘

But getting my hands on English books is costly as I’ll have to purchase…

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7 thoughts on “Honoring What I Love [With An Adjustment]

  1. restlessjo says:

    I haven’t graduated to a Kindle yet (SO behind the times 🙂 ). I do a lot of my reading in the bath and I’d hate to drop it in. Alas, that fate has befallen the odd book. 😦


    • Debs Stott 🌳 Everyday Delights says:

      Oh yes I can understand that problem! I wish I could read in the bath but we have such water restrictions, we can only shower. I miss the days of soggy pages!
      I don’t think you are behind the times, its all about what you love!
      I tend to only read real books at home. I find the Kindle very useful for travelling, as it weighs nothing, is easier to hold and pack. But when I’m at home, its the real ones for me!

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  2. Onyemomma says:

    I have to add that there is nothing like the smell of a bookstore or library. Coffee and a book in my hand is one of my favorite things. When I am using my tablet to read, which I do more often these days as it is much easier to loan a book from the comfort of my own home, it always is a struggle and the feel of coffee and a tablet just aren’t the same. So give me a book in my hand and a cup of coffee and I am one happy lady.

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