Investigations #AtoZChallenge

Dabelle and Larry investigate the “kindle’

“Apparently, this device allows humans to read books…”

Is it?”

“Its called a kindle… does it kindle their interest in reading, I wonder…?”

Is it?”

“Larry, are you listening to me? Help me investigate this thing. I’m a little scared to touch it! What do you think?”

“If humans use it for reading, it cannot be too scary, surely. I think we must touch it to find out how it works. Here goes!”



The South African word of the day

Is it? [iz-zit] – Is that so? A basic conversational word that can be inserted at various points in any conversation, meaning “oh, wow!” or “Really?”

As you can see from Larry’s response, it can also be used when you don’t really feel like talking and don’t want to be rude but want to seem as if you’re listening. (Source)

Join me in the month of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I am combining stories about my Lego photographer friend Dabelle and a South African word.

Do you prefer to read books electronically or in the traditional format?

Debbie blog sign off 2018

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