List with lank items #AtoZChallenge

The other day Dabelle was sitting in a coffee shop having a break, drinking a Red Cappucino (instead of a concentrated double shot of coffee, the main ingredient is a concentrated shot of Rooibos Tea) when she happened to glance at the floor. Her eye fell on a pretty piece of pink paper lying under one of the tables. At first, she ignored it, thinking nothing of it, but the colour was striking enough to keep catching her eye. After a while, she bent down to pick it up, wanting desperately to see the design of the paper.

Sitting back down at her table and sipping on her beverage, she slowly unfolded the paper. Someone had taken care to fold it precisely. The paper was indeed beautiful – lacy around the edge and a pretty pastel pink with darker fuschia lines infused onto the page.

The handwriting was also a delight for the eyes – full, evenly formed and flowing. But the list was incomprehensible to Dabelle. And long! It covered the whole page and the other side.

  • Black rope
  • Black spider web
  • Black squares
  • Green squares
  • Green splodges
  • Pink stripes
  • Birds
  • Penguins
  • Pastel dots…

On and on it went… “Wow, that list has lank items on it,” she thought to herself, a little frustrated. And as they didn’t make sense she stopped reading, trying instead to work out what they might mean…

The South African word of the day

lank – lots/a lot, pronounced the same as the English word



This is what the list meant! Descriptions of rolls of Washi Tape. But now Dabelle was even more intrigued… who would make a list like this and why?

A mystery she never solved of course.

Join me in the month of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I am combining stories about my Lego photographer friend Dabelle and a South African word.

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