Mzansi Mirrors #AtoZChallenge

MWe are midway through the A to Z Blogging Challenge – can you believe it?! Super-sleuth Dabelle has been on her continuing quest to understand the words used in South African English.

Before she gets on with today’s story, Dabelle is super keen to know which word(s) you liked the most from the posts so far! Choose 3 of your favourites!

Mzansi Mirrors

Dabelle and Larry were playing cards, in front of mirrors, using human-sized cards. “How strange,” you might wonder but anything goes in Mzansi. Because the cards were so big, Larry slipped and they went everywhere, causing smoke and then fireworks to come out of Dabelle’s ears! She wasn’t happy because then they had to tidy them all up! And the game was ruined. Oh dear.

Larry felt a little unsteady after his fall. Even though she was fuming, Dabelle found some muti for him in her medicine cupboard.  He was as right as rain in no time and they went back to playing their game. Her mood improved when she started to win!


The South African words of the day

muti, muthi [moo-ti] – noun – medicine, typically traditional African medicine, derived from the isiZulu umuthi.

Mzansi [m-zun-zee] – noun – South Africa. Derived from isiXhosa for “south”.

Speaking of which, its interesting that the Queen of Hearts was on the top of the pile. Did anyone ever call Dabelle a drama queen or is she really just queenly?

I do hope you will fill in the poll with your favourite words! We’d (Dabelle and me) also love the hear what you think of Dabelle and her adventures.

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PS: To read all my A to Z posts, click on the Dibzen-AtoZChallenge tag.


9 thoughts on “Mzansi Mirrors #AtoZChallenge

    • Debs Stott 🌳 Everyday Delights says:

      Hey Tom, thank you so much for the nomination, I am super chuffed! It feels great to be acknowledged and to know that someone (who also loves Lego) is appreciating the posts for the A to Z challenge.
      I hope you voted for your favourite word too? I will go and check out the award and respond to the questions later today when work is done!


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