Ouma #AtoZChallenge

Dabelle has a knack of being able to make friends with a varity of creatures, as we discovered when she sweet-talked the aliens into returning her camera. One day, when the grass had been cut, she came across this charming creature hiding in the cuttings.

Dabelle slowly approached her and introduced herself, “Hello there, I’m Dabelle. I haven’t seen you around here before. Do you live here?”

The hedgehog answered in a trembling voice “Nooo, I’m a little shaken and confused, I have no idea where I am. I think they call me Ouma.”

Dabelle stroked the hedgehog’s face. “Ouma… I think that means granny. Do you normally live with your family?”

“Yes, that sounds about right. I wonder where they are?”

“Never mind, Ouma. Let me fetch you some water and then we can find your family.”


It goes without saying that Dabelle helped Ouma find her brood! Dabelle seems to have an exciting life and today she stumbled upon a South African English word by accident.

Incidentally, Ouma Rusks are legendary in South Africa and are quite possibly the nation’s favourite brand of rusks! A rusk is similar to a biscotti but fatter and chunkier. Definately good dipped into coffee or tea.


The South African word of the day

ouma (oh-maa) – noun – Used as a respectful or affectionate form of address for a grandmother or elderly woman. From the Afrikaans ou (old), ma (mother).

Super-sleuth Dabelle has been on her continuing quest to understand the words used in South African English. I do hope you will fill in the poll with your favourite words! We’d (Dabelle and me) also love the hear what you think of Dabelle and her adventures.

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