Pressing​ padkos decisions #AtoZChallenge

Dabelle and Larry are about to set off on a road trip with their little dog Gigi. When Dabelle asked Larry what padkos they should take in the car, he looked bewildered. “Coffee? Rusks?”

“That’s your answer to everything, Larry! But I cannot survive on endless cups of coffee!”

Dabelle went off in a huff and did some shopping. She asked Larry to help her decide what to pack from what she’d bought: strawberries, koeksisters or bananas. She insisted that he get intimately involved in making the decision with her. He patiently climbed into the strawberry punnet and smelt how fresh they were and then scaled the mountain of bananas to see if they were ripe.  When it came to the koeksisters, they all lay down, overwhelmed by the smell of honey!

He couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Surely coffee was sufficient? Are you with Larry? What would you choose from this assortment?

Gigi’s view – anything she can eat – she’ll be happy!


The South African word of the day

Padkos [putt-koss] – Food that you will pack and take on the road, literally ‘road food’ – some sandwiches, drinks, crisps, fruit and biltong and you have your padkos!

And although it’s not the right day for the letter ‘K’, I have to explain what koeksisters are!

Koeksister [cook-sister] – a traditional confectionery made of fried dough infused with syrup or honey, made by many South Africans but originally by the Afrikaans people. Simply packed full of yumminess!

What is your favourite food to pack for a long road trip?

Mine is bacon butties (sandwiches). Something my mom always made when I was a kid and I still love to this day! Dabelle’s choices are way too sticky – although bananas are the ultimate padkos, easy to pack and eat with one hand!

Do leave Dabelle and I a comment, we’d love to hear about your padkos.

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