Queer quagga! #AtoZChallenge




Dabelle had a busy day today, many of her Lego friends turned up to have photos taken and they were happy to stand in a queue.

She does have a queer assortment of friends, doesn’t she? But not half as queer as an extinct subspecies of zebra which lived approximately 300,000 to 150 years ago!

The South African word of the day

Quite simply, I do not have one. But I do have an interesting fact about a South African animal that starts with a ‘Q’!

Q is for Quagga

Extinction is forever – or is it? On 12 August 1883, the last living quagga died at the Amsterdam zoo, and the world believed this unusual type of zebra had gone the way of the dodo. What does a quagga look like?


The quagga lived in the Karoo and southern Free State, unlike regular zebras, with stripes on the front half of its body only, coloured a creamy light brown on its upper parts and whitish on its belly and legs. For the last 20 years a team of South Africans have been working to bring the beast back from the dead, with the third generation of specially bred foals now being born. [Source]

Quick Quagga Facts [Source]
  • Lived from the Late Pleistocene Period all the way to the Modern Period
  • Lived on the plains of South Africa
  • Was half the length of a zebra
  • Was half as heavy as a zebra


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