Serious consequences​ of Skeleton Skinner #AtoZChallenge

Seven (+1) skeleton incident

Dabelle was called upon to take a documentary photo of this incident for the newspaper. After taking the photograph, her sleuthing and investigative skills kicked in. She asked what had happened here and shared it with me later.

The story goes that the skeletons on the floor were skinnerbeks and were ‘shut down’ by the other three for skinnering too much! The chap with the beard was in charge and from the looks of him, she did not want to mess with him. Lord only knows what ‘shut down’ means to this guy.

I asked Dabelle if she asked about that – no. She said that she had also wondered what happened to the hooded skeleton’s left arm – but was too scared to ask. This is not a normal Dabelle reaction, she is normally unperturbed by situations like this. Perhaps the remaining skeletons threatened her – and she didn’t want to talk about it!?


The South African word of the day

skinner: – noun and verb, informal – Gossip, to gossip. A person who gossips is known as a skinnerbek (gossip mouth). Derived from Afrikaans.


The end of the challenge is in sight now, just 7 days to go! If you’ve enjoyed learning about the South African version of English, why not vote for your favourite on our ‘M’ post?

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