If we were having coffee… (4)

If we were meeting for coffee… I might order something cool today, like a smoothie. Its a bit warmer than it has been. The weather in our little town is always so unpredictable at this time of the year. It’s meant to be getting cooler as winter approaches, but today it is about 26℃ and Thursday was 15℃! Who can fathom it? We simply need to dress for four seasons in one day. The fluffy blankets are now a permanent feature on the couch for those chilly winter evenings and the slippers are out of winter storage.


During our virtual coffee break, I might say that the April A to Z Blogging Challenge is almost over. There are just 7 more posts (T to Z). Will I miss it? Yes and No. I have enjoyed bringing Dabelle out of hiding for a month, but it has also been hard writing something every day around a specific letter. Its been a great experience but time-consuming. Will I do it again next year? I have no doubt that I will! The challenge and Dabelle have also inspired me to make some changes to my blog. They will take effect at the end of April and I’ll post about them soon!

In the meantime, Dabelle is still on her quest to make sense of this thing we call South African English. This week she has found out about nogal, ouma, padkos, quaggas, robots and skinner

Dabelle A to Z challenge-Instagram-2

If we were having coffee… I would also mention that I have enjoyed discovering a new blog on WordPress, Facing Life Head On, written by a mother, sister, wife, and daughter who is dealing with chronic health issues and using writing to find a way to take back a little of her old life. Sue (Sue’s Trifles) is also doing the A to Z Challenge and I’m loving her entertaining look at careers and occupations.

If we were having coffee-long-2

If we were chatting over coffee, I might mention that apart from a few shots of Dabelle for blog posts, I have done so little photography this month. I suppose something has to fall by the wayside – I committed to the A to Z challenge, rather than a photography theme. But for my 365 project this month I shared shots that I have taken this year on my travels but have processed or posted yet. Each day of the week was a mini-theme, so Wednesday was Reflections Day. I’ll write my normal round-up post a the end of the month about my photos.

I did post a coffee related photo for one of the recurring challenges on the 365prject site, known as the mundane challenge. Winners choose the mundane item for the theme and this time around it was “coffee“.  I chose this shot because was intrigued by the patterns caused by the coffee seeping into the milk and the bubbles I could see through the glass mugs. Then there’s the layer of sugar sitting at the bottom of my son’s mug on the right… a never-ending battle to get him to take less sugar!

Coffee patterns

Coffee patterns © Deborah Ann Stott 2018


If we were having coffee, I would ask you about your week. What has been the highlight of your week? I’d love to hear from you.

Debbie blog sign off 2018

Part of the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Eclectic Ali #weekendcoffeeshare




3 thoughts on “If we were having coffee… (4)

  1. Onyemomma says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog today, I felt so encouraged. I feel like I have already made so many new friends and I haven’t even been here for a month. WordPress has a great community of writers. Thank you so much!

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