A zol leads to zzzz’s #AtoZChallenge


Sorry, you caught Dabelle napping!

It’s been an incredibly busy month for her. Each day she has been under pressure to find a South African word with the correct letter of the alphabet and to investigate out what it means! She never knew that speaking her native English language could be so complicated.

Knowing that today is the end of the A to Z challenge, she relaxed a little with friends. One of them offered her a zol. She isn’t a smoker, but the friend hinted that the zol might contain a substance that would help her relax. She hesitated, not normally one for doing anything illegal.

“What the hell,” she thought. “I need to relax a bit. I’ve worked so hard this month. I really don’t care if the substance is illegal!”

Tentatively she took a few puffs. Immediately, she felt all her muscles soften and the conversation around her became muted. She took a few more. This was feeling good. Within minutes, she was asleep on the carpet.

No doubt her friends would tease her for being such a light-weight once she woke up!

The South African word of the day

Zol – a homemade cigarette rolled with old newspaper or rizlas (can be filled with marijuana but not always).


There you have it – the final post for the A to Z Challenge. 26 days and 26 (or more) South African English words.

I’m feeling a little sad. What will I do without my daily dose of Dabelle’s adventures and investigations? Well, I’m sure she will be back. So watch out for more from her in the next week or so!

Debbie blog sign off 2018

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PS: To read all my A to Z posts, click on the Dibzen-AtoZChallenge tag.


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