A Blog Spring Clean

Autumn greetings, readers!

Do you feel the need to update your blog occasionally to keep it fresh and engaging?

In South Africa, it’s early autumn not spring! But I felt the need to do a little spring cleaning on my blog this weekend and to re-structure a little bit. We’ve had a few public holidays recently. I love public holidays because they give me unexpected space from normal daily routines. I’ve had some time to think. After the intense pressure (and fun) of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I’ve been thinking about how and what I post moving forward.

Everyday Delights

My blog started out as a way to capture Everyday Delights in 2015. It then morphed into posts about photography and other musings. Although the focus is still pretty much on looking for and finding the everyday delights that bring me peace and pleasure, I was thinking about you, my readers and wondered if you would prefer some structure to when I post things. So I’m thinking that I’ll have daily post themes:

  • Monday Musings
  • Wacky Wednesdays (Dabelle’s adventures)
  • Thursday Thorts (a phrase used by a Facebook friend, Sue Waugh, these posts will be inspired by a quote or book excerpt)
  • Foto Fridays (photography based posts)
  • Weekend Coffee Share on Saturday

daily post themes 2018-2Other Changes

Some things have been irritating me. Like the fact that my homepage was static. I thought that was a good idea when I set up the blog. But I changed it a while ago to show my posts. The home page text has been moved to About Me. I’ve also changed my menus to reflect my new daily themes.

From the 1st May, I am going to try and post according to the daily themes. I’m not sure that I’ll have something to say every week, but I’m going to give it a go. I may even re-post some of my original Everyday Delights posts from 2015 that were not originally published on this WordPress site.

I’d love to know what you think about the changes. Do drop me a comment or a thought! Looking forward to moving forward.

Debbie blog sign off 2018




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