As part of my new daily post themes, this is my first post for my new Monday Musings – ruminations, cogitations, dreams, thoughts and musings about daily life – all the while searching for those hidden Everyday Delights.

I love public holidays. They are little oases of space amidst the routine of normal life. Just perfect times to “be“.

Owing to its divisive history, South Africa boasts more public holidays than most countries. Mzansi has 12 public holidays during the year, and whenever any public holiday falls on a Sunday, the Monday following it is marked as an off-day. [Cape Town Magazine]

I’m sitting in an armchair basking in the full morning sun, my legs propped on another chair. It’s warm, but not hot; the autumn sun is diffused by the window and occasionally hides behind a leafy branch which moves gently in the breeze. I can feel the warmth permeating my clothes, gradually warming my body.

I close my eyes and let the warmth infuse my being. A soft breeze creeps in through the partially open window, cooling the left side of my face, creating a delicious contrast between warm and cold on my skin.

Outside the window, a multitude of bees are oblivious to the human concept of a public holiday. They continue with their work, buzzing in and out of the backlit lavender and daisy bushes.

I yearn to capture this scene with my camera, but I know that it will not be represented that same way that I see it. A camera is selective in what it shows.

I try it anyway and get so distracted by the shadows on the windowsill that 10 minutes pass. But because I have nothing planned or scheduled, it doesn’t matter one bit. Going with the flow.

Bee-ing” – like the bees.


Source: Sketches in Stillness (https://www.sketchesinstillness.com)

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