If we were having coffee [6]

Hello to all my readers! How are you all this week?

Pull up a comfortable chair, prepare your favourite beverage and join me for my weekly coffee share.

If we were having coffee… the first thing I’d share is how much inspiration I have found on WordPress blogs this week. There are two in particular that I’d like to mention.

The first has taken me on a roller coaster ride over the last few days. I’ve been buzzing with energy and motivation. That has been absent from my life for some time. It is reassuring to have it back, for as long as it lasts.

I discovered the Wander.essence by Cathy and couldn’t wait to reblog one of her posts. Her post led me to the book called Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals (and Still Have Time to Enjoy Your Trip!)  written by Dave Fox. I bought the book, bought the course (on sale on Udemy), read the book, did the course and then prepared myself to write a travel journal on my Namibia trip (which is where I am writing this from by the way – Swakopmund to be precise!)

I read Shelly’s refreshing post about exercise on her Love is Stronger blog. She says:

The purpose of movement and exercise is to make us bigger, not smaller. It is to give us a bigger heart, a bigger attitude, a bigger spirit, open to the world and to possibilities. When looked at this way, exercise is a generous gift, rather than a punishing chore we must do three to five times a week … Use exercise to enlarge your heart and mind and spirit. We need more of you, not less of you. via And Now for Something Completely Different: Exercise So There is More of You, Not Less of You

My own relationship with exercise is complex and thinking about it doesn’t make me feel motivated or energised – the exact opposite in fact. I have never been a “gym bunny” and I get mind-numbingly bored with gyms, running, exercise equipment (like treadmills) very quickly.

As I’ve gotten older, I prefer exercise like yoga that nurtures not just my body but my mind and soul too. I know that even a short daily yoga session can energise and de-stresses me; a longer one makes me feel like I can conquer the world. So Shelly’s mindset of “use exercise to enlarge your heart and mind and spirit” is one I could work with. Perhaps it could be the thing I need to get me moving more… I would like to feel like I can conquer the world more often.

Aaah, the view from my bedroom window calls me…



If we were having coffee … I would have to split myself in half to be in two places at once – having coffee with you and on my hotel room bed in Swakopmund preparing for two presentations at a National Mathematics Education Congress tomorrow. I’ll share more about my trip soon, I promise!


I had best be off to do those. Until next week,

Debbie blog sign off 2018


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