Dabelle’s diary [1]

Speed journal entry: May (autumn in Southern Hemisphere)

I’m unenthusiastic – peeved, cantankerous – who wants to walk someone else’s dog?! – I agreed to feed it, didn’t think I’d need to walk it too – The dog, Gigi (a female, I suppose) explores everything – disturbs and chases the ducks by the pond – hides in the rustling, crisp autumn leaves – She is so “in the moment”, full of life and energy -My initial irritation fades as I notice her capers – I’m surprised, captivated and charmed – An entertaining subject for spur-of-the-moment photographs?? – Hide behind these leaves, watch her play, shoot! She is oblivious! 😀


[PS: Speed journaling is a technique I learnt from Debbie who read Dave Fox’s book “Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals (and still have time to enjoy your trip!)” – write fast, don’t be a perfectionist, splash as much bold detail onto the page as you can in 10 minutes.]

Dabelle blog sign off 2018

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