What would your superpower be?

I was browsing through a list of writing prompts – looking for inspiration. I came across the one that asks what my superpower would be or what my superhero name would be. Then I remembered that I’d asked my family that same question and written about it a while back, but never posted it. Here’s the story… it was a revealing experience!

New Year’s Day 2017 – Dinokeng

We were all at a game park for the New Year festivities and knowing my family were a captive audience, I went with some questions to ask them – you know to shake things us a little! As we gathered around the fire in the growing darkness on the evening of New Years Day, bellies full and with drinks in abundance, I asked: “If each of you could have one superpower, what it would be?” I’d anticipated that they would take their time to think about it before giving me an answer, maybe thinking about it overnight. Surprisingly, I had answers within 5 minutes – admittedly, they weren’t all answers to the question exactly, but interesting all the same.

My family are a mixed bunch. On this occasion, we ranged in age from 72 to 15. Some of us believe in God and some of us don’t, some of us are more altruistic than others, some love a few beers, some of us are creative, others not … you get the idea!

Superman, Polymer Man and Ti-mann

A number of responses were linked to a particular character, some that we knew and some that were made up. My brother-in-law, who has spent his whole life working in the rubber industry, proclaimed that he would be “Polymer Man”. My other brother-in-law wanted to be Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise, to have the power to travel anywhere and make big decisions. A cousin wanted to be Superman. A younger member said he would like to “control the magic arts like Dr Strange”. And one that I didn’t have time to follow up with my niece’s husband “to be Ti-mann”. I’m guessing though that this would be about titanium as he has a number of implants in his spine.

My nephew’s wife loves wildlife and birds and in her recent past, she was a game ranger. Her power would be “to be invisible for game and bird watching”. Can you imagine how much she would be able to see and the wonderful photographs she could capture?

A touch of altruism

Some family members offered a superpower, but no explanations as to why they would like it, leaving it to our imagination. One sister said, “ to have laser vision that she could switch on and off”. There could be many uses! Another niece said she would like to be able to teleport. Knowing her current circumstances, I can imagine why.

I offered that I would like to be able to breathe underwater. I love water and can spend hours in the pool. If I could breathe underwater, maybe I could swim with dolphins – something I’ve dreamed of doing for the longest time!

More altruistic answers came from one of my sisters “to be able to twitch her nose like Samantha in the series ‘I Dream of Genie’ and heal those who are hurting” and one of the younger generation “to be able to feed the world”.

What a mixed bag! Knowing the people in my family, their suggestions make sense! I’m entirely pleased that I asked the question!

What would your superpower be? Or more interestingly, what would your family members choose? I’d love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “What would your superpower be?

  1. wanderessence1025 says:

    I enjoy the superpower answers more than the superhero answers. I like yours — to be able to breathe underwater. I love the teleport one too, as I love to travel but hate long uncomfortable flights. Twitching your nose to solve the world’s woes is also a great one! Excellent imaginations in your family. And what a great question. 🙂

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