If we were having coffee [8]

Welcome to my Saturday weekend coffee share. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows for me today! The sun is out, but the wind is howling and even though it’s midday, it’s chilly (about 11℃). South Africa celebrates Youth Day today which commemorates a youth uprising that was intended to be peaceful in Soweto 42 years ago that turned into a bloodbath. You can read more about it here if you are interested. Three of our local private schools have their premier sporting event today, known as K-Day and they will thrash out who is the best school for rugby, hockey and netball.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that I am staying well away from the hurly-burly of town this weekend!

If we were having coffee… you might ask why I didn’t write a catch up for the last few weeks. I’ve been feeling unwell, exhausted and lethargic. Doing a round-up of my week was the last thing I felt like doing. Although I’m still not feeling 100%, I have found some energy to write whilst I’ve been resting.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that recently I have found inspiration in a friend’s blog called #castix. Although she doesn’t post often when she does, she writes from the heart, and as I don’t see her too often, it is good to hear her ‘voice’, even from a distance. Being in a decluttering and scaling down phase myself at the moment, I was drawn to her post called PROFIT …THE UNGOD echoing so many of my own thoughts about the troubles of our world and where they stem from.

Everything everywhere is designed to make you dissatisfied with what you have …what you look like…what you wear …where you live. Marketers convince you that you need bigger better and newer items…they HAVE to …but is it truth?

Do you REALLY need all those things? Do you REALLY need to burn yourself out in order to pay for things you have no time to enjoy? CAN YOU FREE YOURSELF from the ever demanding worship of the ungod?

Get off the bus. Look around. What really gives you peace and joy?

If we were having coffee… I would also tell you that a few weeks ago, I went over the 100 followers mark – thank you to everyone how follows me – I am immensely grateful.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you about all the new things I have been writing about following my blog spring clean a few weeks ago. My small friend and Legographer, Dabelle is back – with adventures and stories from her journals. Keep an eye out for the Wacky Wednesdays posts.


I have a new page “Journey into Photography“, which draws all the loose threads together about my photography: my journey and what I’ve learnt along the way, my feature series, photography posts about places, experiences, animals and challenges. I’m glad I did it, but my gosh it took a long time to do! Now its done though, I can just keep it updated. Whew!

I have also updated my Inspiration and About Me pages to link across my blog to various places. Why not have a look?

365-2016-180-46If we were having coffee… I would be thrilled that I wrote a post anticipating my upcoming adventure in New Zealand. With 11 days to go, I am beginning to feel both nervous and excited. Nervous, because this is the furthest I have ever travelled and excited because I think this is going to be an adventure of a lifetime!


anticipating NZ-2

If we were having coffee… I would ask you about your week. What’s been good, what’s been bad? What are you looking forward to?

Until next week, be safe!

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2 thoughts on “If we were having coffee [8]

  1. josiegrace7 says:

    Hi Dark Horse …thanks so much for mentioning my post 🙂 Nice to kniw someone likes it 🙂 wow NZ? Sooooo cool. My brother and his fam live there. Looking forward to your perspective and pics. God Bless beautiful, inspiring friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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