Bees, bugs, birds – A week in the winter garden

Its mid-winter here, and as I write we are on our way to the shortest day of the year. Winter is when the deep orange aloes come to life in the wild, along the roads and in the gardens. The brightly coloured, tubular flowers that are filled with nectar are a welcome source of food during the winter for pollinating birds and insects. The sunbirds feeding off the succulent nectar are a common winter sight.

Outside the window of the dining room, there is a lovely garden of lavender, aloes and daisies. I’ve discovered it is a honeypot drawing in insects of all varieties in the winter months. When the sun is out, the place buzzes with activity and initially, all one sees and hears are the bees flitting about.

But I found as I looked more closely that it supports a multitude of insect life and bird life: butterflies, wasps, flies if different sorts and birds (sunbirds and mousebirds are frequent visitors).

I’m normally wary of stinging insects, but I’ve been standing in amongst these creatures for a while now to get close and I’ve not been stung. Maybe they can feel that I come in peace.

Autumnal garden

Even though it gets cold here in winter, it is nothing like the Northern Hemisphere winters. I know that we are blessed and part of that blessing is being able to share these wonderful sights with you!

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