Becky’s square roofs for June

I so badly wanted to find time to participate in Becky’s Square Roofs challenge this month, but work and the prep for my upcoming conference travel to New Zealand have eaten away at my time and my energies.

Swakop roof top 9 square-001

But rather than not participating at all, I decided to do a collection of rooftops (in square form of course!) from my trip to Swakopmund in Namibia earlier this year. Most of these were taken when I climbed to the top of the Woermann Tower (it was originally a landmark and navigation point for the ships of the Woermann line of ships, amongst other things) at the suggestion of a local friend.

The day I visited, the wind was howling and it was hazy and damp. But after climbing the 97 steps, I was the only one at the top of the tower and the 360° view was amazing. In spite of the wind, it was peaceful up there. I could see why they used it as a lookout tower. It’s really the only place where you get the sense that Swakopmund is literally a town wedged between the desert and the ocean.

My posting over the next few weeks may be a bit sparse as I travel around New Zealand. I will try to pop in to view and comment when I can. If inspiration strikes, I may even try for a post or two!

Debbie blog sign off 2018


9 thoughts on “Becky’s square roofs for June

  1. BeckyB says:

    Fantastic . . . . . well done on drawing this altogether when you are so busy, and my profuse apologies it has taken me 21days to visit this gorgeous collection. They are wonderful 🙂

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