Women’s Day: Thursday Thorts

South African National Women’s Day – 9th August 2018 and time for a Thursday Thort.

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvellous. [Bill Moyers]

As its a public holiday today, I was determined I would do something that was not connected to the computer, something creative, no matter how mundane, just for me, that did not need to be shared with the world.

When I was on a layover at Sydney airport 2 weeks ago, I bought an “Unplug” magazine filled with puzzles and pages to colour in – a mindfulness puzzle magazine. What a clever idea – I’ve not seen anything like this is South Africa yet!  Can you believe that today is the first time I’ve had space and time to do a puzzle and spend a quiet hour colouring in? I chose a Code Cracker – haven’t tried one of those for years. Colouring in the picture was my reward for finishing the puzzle.

2-Crossword 9-Aug-2018-004

Whenever I find time to do it, I remember that I love colouring. It takes me back to my school days, it’s relaxing and creative (in a mundane way), it anchors me in the present moment, it’s a way to unplug. I’m asking myself why I don’t make the time to do it more often? Even this small action taps into my creative side.

Mundane, everyday creativity is on my mind

Although both of us have had the book for a while, a friend and I are just about to start working through Julia Cameron’s Artists Way 12-week course. We have been hoping to find an uninterrupted 12-week slot to do it together.  And we have. We start this week.

As I embark on the journey, Liz Gilbert reminds me that I “don’t need permission to live a more creative life.” She writes that it’s not about permission, but about having the courage to be creative.

“Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?”

Hmmm, do I?

Well, that is what the Artists Way journey is all about for me. Having the courage to face my fears about “putting my work out there”, making it public rather than private. Oh, there are other fears too, some of which Liz Gilbert has in her very long list. Here are just a few of mine, selected from her offerings.

I’m afraid that:

  • I have no talent
  • I’ll be rejected or criticized or ridiculed or misunderstood or – worst of all – ignored
  • there’s no market for my creativity, and therefore no point in pursuing it
  • somebody else already did it better
  • everybody else already did it better
  • I’m too old to start…

That should give you an idea of where I’m at. It’s a good day to do something about it! And as its Thursday Thort, I leave you with this light-hearted insight from Albert Einstein:

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" [Albert Einstein]

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” [Albert Einstein]

As you would expect, I’m hoping to share the ups and downs of the journey with you.  I’d love to know if any of you have tried or completed the Artists Way? What are your thoughts on it? Leave a comment.

Until next time,

Debbie blog sign off 2018

Books referred to in this post:

  1. Elizabeth Gilbert: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
  2. Julia Cameron: The Artists Way

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