Dabelle’s diary [5] – Of dinosaur tails and things

Diary Entry – June 2018

I’m tiny and so many things in the human world puzzle me. I’m in the garden at Debbie’s house. From down here, my view of the world is quite unique. I’m at eye level to the lovely heart-shaped clovers. The tall grass surrounds me. Everything is green and smells earthy.

But I am puzzled by this rusted metal thingamajig lying in the grass. I have no idea what it is.


It turns out that the coiled metal thing is a great place to prop my camera whilst I take close up photos of the clover leaves. I’m hoping to capture that delightful heart shape.

Suddenly the wind comes up, tugging my cloak over my head and almost lifting me off the ground – a disadvantage of being small and made out of plastic!  The clovers sway in the wind. Drat, the wind makes it hard to get a picture that isn’t blurred.

As I wait for the wind to die down, I stumble into another item that distracts me from the metal thing completely. Lordy, it is massive, and it looks prehistoric. I cast aside my camera and try to pick the thing up. It pricks me as I touch it. Beware those spiky bits! Luckily for me, I don’t have blood, so I am undeterred.

As I hold it on my lap, I am transported to another time and place. Could this be a dinosaur tail that I’m holding in my hands? Did dinosaurs lose their tails? I know that some animals like lizards can shed part of its tail as a self-defence mechanism and some creatures have the ability to regenerate the lost body part later.

Hmmm, I wonder. I will have to do some research on that.

What do you think these items unknown items are? As a human, you probably have a better idea than I do. I could really do with your help in finding out. Leave us a comment! 

Yours, the inquisitive

Dabelle blog sign off 2018

© All stories, poems and photographs by Deborah Ann Stott – all rights reserved



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