My Converse and their first adventure

9th June 2018 – A spot of retail therapy

I have been yearning for a pair of Converse for a while (my son is a huge fan). The high tops immediately spoke to me and I am now the proud owner of these gorgeous red shoes. I bought them with my New Zealand trip in mind, hoping they would be comfortable.

 Where I Stand

For a while now, I’ve been making an effort to shoot “where I stand” photos whenever I go somewhere new for work or pleasure. I have quite a collection of shots from around the world. Sometimes I’m wearing shoes, sometimes not. Sometimes I’m on my own, often I’m with my son or other travel companions. I like to include my travel companions feet because it reminds me of them, even if I can only see their feet, their toes or their shoes!

We seldom look down at our feet when taking photos. Taking a “where I stand” forces me to look down, to see where my feet touch the earth. The images offer sneaky snippets of weather, shoes and clothing and showcase landmarks and patterns. If I can, I will take one every day when I am away, come rain or shine!

July 2018 – My Converse’s first adventure…

I wore my high tops almost every day whilst I was travelling, as you can see from my “where I stand” photos. They were more comfortable than I could imagine and now they have been christened with sand and soil from so many New Zealand locations… and they aren’t looking so pristine anymore. My son tells me that’s how they should look – they need a bit of wear and tear to give them character.

These are the ones where me and my Converse were out and about on our own… streets and boats.

2-NZ where I stand 1

And these are the ones where ‘we’ were joined by my travelling companion’s feet and shoes… beaches, trains, streets and boats.

1-NZ where I stand 2

Where will my wonderful Converse go next? I wonder…?

Do you have a favourite pair of travel shoes? What are they like?

Debbie blog sign off 2018

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