If we were having coffee [10]

I’ve been so busy having real coffee dates that I have neglected to keep my virtual coffee date for a whole month! Apologies! So let me treat you to a drink! I fancy a freshly squeezed juice – orange, pineapple and carrot perhaps? What about you?

If we were having coffee… As we move beyond the opening chit-chat, I’d tell you that I read a blog post that really me laugh. So you know how you work through the posts in your feed and follow the breadcrumbs: check out the new people who have followed you recently, read posts and follow links. Suddenly you stumble onto a post that sucks you in and in spite of it being a boring subject, you are hooked.

Why? Because it’s well written and engaging. The topic is commenting on posts. The lure is a great analogy. It made me laugh and cringe too. Well done, Kevin!

“If you think about it, blog commenting is a lot like dating. You’re trying to woo another person, right? With dating, you’re trying to woo someone into becoming Mr. or Mrs. Whatever Your Name Is. With blog commenting, you’re trying to woo the owner of a blog”. [Kevin Duncan]

It’s a long post but it kept me reading, the examples (over and above those about dating) are informative too. And he’s right: “Nobody tells you how to comment on blogs. You aren’t sure what a great comment looks like.” 

I learnt something I wasn’t expecting to. But more importantly, it made me think.

We forget how to connect properly, how to have straightforward human interactions in online spaces. It’s easy to hide on the web, yet if we are making the effort to comment on something that someone has written, surely we would want to put our best foot forward and make some kind of connection, leave a comment worth reading, something of value?

Wall art at Wellington Cable Car lower station

And although its been aeons since I went on any kind of date, as Kevin says, I wouldn’t turn up for a date in disguise, use a false name, neglect to say hello or use the date for a full-on sales pitch. Who would pitch up for a date, listen to their date’s story and then simply say “cool”? Yet I see so many comments like that or ones with a similar sentiment on posts. What’s the point? You are better off just hitting the “like” button.

I’m not going to re-write or even summarise Kevin’s post. Read it for yourself and see what you think! You can check out his summary infographic at the end of this post if you want, but I do recommend reading the article.

If we were having coffee… I’d wonder what else I could share? Life seems to be busy. Yet I cannot think of what has been keeping me busy! That ol’ memory playing tricks on me. I even forgot to write myself a beautiful-moments-to-have list last weekend. No harm in doing it retrospectively I guess, although it’s not quite the same!

  • I delight in watching grown-up people discover that maths can be fun (and that they can do more than they think) when I run maths club workshops. I did one this week!
  • I took myself on an Artist Date on Wednesday to our one and only fabric shop, Jacksons. My aim was to buy Shweshwe fabric to take back to the UK with me. More about this in another post!
  • I impulsively bought a new Kindle book. Whilst this is not as satisfying as buying a “real” book, I live in a small town and our bookshops don’t have a huge selection. I can always order online, but then I have to wait for delivery. So Kindle purchases tick the instant gratification box!
  • Delving into my past. Reading journals I wrote over 13 years ago and reminding myself that my journey to find “me” started way back in 2003. I’m an avid journal writer and so glad I am. I have a terrible memory (the reasons why could be numerous!). But when I need to re-connect with things I did in my younger days (or even 10 years), I often look to my journals to fill in the empty spaces. I keep promising myself that one day I’ll do something with the stories!
  • Stand barefoot on the grass. Even though its winter and the grass is dry, I love the prickly feel of it between my toes and the direct connection between my feet and the earth. I’m sure my feet also love the freedom of not being squashed into closed shoes and boots! But it’s not always possible to do in winter. However, we can always rely on our weather to be contrary and there is likely to be one day in a week when its warm enough to do it. Wednesday would’ve been an ideal day, it was an unusually hot day in an otherwise chilly week. But I wasn’t home when the sun was out and the grass was bathed in sunshine. Never mind, I add this item to my list every week!

If we were having coffee… We could celebrate 10 “if we were having coffee” posts! May there be many more. Join me next time?

Debbie blog sign off 2018

How to Write Blog Comments That Stand Out to Influencers (Plus Examples!) from SmartBlogger.com

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